en-tre-pre-neur-ship, noun: Self-employment through business ownership which has significant elements of risk, control, and reward.

Entrepreneurship is an integral part of all of the CRANE Pathways. Resources are available so that entrepreneurship can be infused into the curriculum in a number of different ways. The entrepreneur resources will develop knowledge and skills common to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, including the human characteristics vital for entrepreneurial thinking in a twenty-first century, global world.


CTE Model Curriculum Standards for Entrepreneurship


Financial services are an essential aspect of every business institution and organization. CRANE provides resources across the pathways so that Financial Literacy can be infused into all pathways. Students will be able to investigate the field of financial management, including how it is impacted by industry standards as well as economic, financial, technological, international, social, legal, and ethical factors. Students will learn formulate and interpret financial information for use in financial management decision making, such as compliance and risk management.

In addition to the financial application to their pathways, CRANE has teamed up with local credit unions to offer Bite of Reality events across the region. Bite of Reality is a 'Real World Simulation' that guides students through a day in the life of an adult. The students make personal financial decisions in every area of life. Each student is given a persona for the day. The persona includes an occupation, income, family description, possible debt and student loan. The student moves from booth to booth making decisions about housing, transportation, groceries and dining, child care, etc. 



CTE Model Curriculum Standards for Business and Finance 

Next Gen Personal Finance Lessons